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Slide and Unlock Bloxx Puzzle

4.8 ( 2048 ratings )
Jeux Divertissement Casse-tête Stratégie
Développeur Nam Nguyen Ngoc

Unblock Puzzle: Free is simple and brain addictive puzzle game.
Simply by drag sliding blocks, move the red block to out of the board

Move the tablet to the edge of your phone!

It would seem that may be easier to take and move the unit from one end to the other phone. But do not be so cocky! If only it were that simple, then the play would not be interesting. Thats why on your way to meet other blocks that need to be too dragged in different directions, before you want to move the main unit. There are two types of boards: the vertical and horizontal - one are moved up and down, and the other left and right. Sometimes there is only one correct solution, you have to think about every move a single block to get a puzzle.
Great puzzle for your brain, with each new level the game becomes more difficult decision. Check your opportunities, how much do you think is good. If you can not any of the levels, you can skip it and start the next one, but we do not recommend to do so often, it is far more interesting to go through the puzzle without much help. The game itself keeps track of your strokes, for which at the end of the level you get a star. The fewer moves you make, the more stars you get. The game is made in bright colors and unusual style, in order to make you comfortable and enjoyable to play. You can enable or disable the game music. Initial levels are very simple, even a child can play several levels.
Test yourself how many times you can move the block right, to solve the puzzle.

- two types of boards: vertical and horizontal
- excellent puzzle
- you can skip one of the levels and start the next
- counting your strokes
- The game is made in bright colors and unusual style
- You can enable or disable the game music
- many levels of different complexity
- colorful design
- free game
- great music
- addictive puzzle game

How to play:
You need to move the unit from one end to the other phone. Move blocks to the sides that prevent you pass the puzzle.

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